About BeeBuzzy

The Why

Found by recruiters, for recruiters. Yes, it’s clichéd, and yes, it’s true. Coming from the traditional field of recruiting, we too grew recruitment and employment agencies the old-fashioned way.

The process of recruitment has long been unchanged. We believe the time is now, to disrupt the old ways and create a better and more efficient way of recruiting, for both ends. BeeBuzzy performs the most time-consuming and unfullfilling task at the hands of the employer. Thus, we enable you top-funnel by creating reach and acquisition for your vacancies.

The How

BeeBuzzy is an app platform where employer and jobseeker connect. The jobseeker indicates his or her interest in a vacancy on the platform, which forms the moment where employer and applicant start communicating directly. This conversation takes place outside the platform. BeeBuzzy functions as your top-funnel lead generator and takes the first steps of reach and acquisition out of your hands, so you can focus on the next steps in the recruitment process.

This means that we will find you the applicants that you couldn’t reach. By limiting ourselves to the very start of the recruitment funnel, we are able to focus on what we do best.

Additionally, we believe in looking across border to close the gap between high employment and low employment problems. With 18 European nationalities among our applicants

With omni-marketing, in-app technology and smart online marketing we actually do add value for your company. But we’re not here for the technological pitch. We rather show you results. Feel free to book a 15min call here for an online coffee, and see if a first free month subscription fits your company.


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