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The hospitality industry in the Netherlands is about maintaining a positive attitude and customer service excellence. Due to the COVID pandemic many Dutch employees left hospitality, which left a big shortage of good personal. This resulted in better pays recently, besides the natural tipping culture in Holland.

Hospitality is a social occupation and therefore an easy way to feel at home in a new country. Personnel of a bar, club, restaurant or hotel often have a strong sense of being part of a team and in the Netherlands, that is no different.

To work in hospitality in the Netherlands you are expected to work in good relationship with your coworkers, and often need to speak at least Dutch or good English. If you have had previous experience in hospitality, we strongly encourage you to pinpoint what you’ve learned, in the motivation letter that you can send in the app.

There are many hospitality job opportunities in the BeeBuzzy app. Among many positions, we have open vacancies as Chef, of Sous Chef, Kitchen staff, Waiter or Housekeeping.

Career moves can be upwards through the ranks of management or laterally for exposure to other sectors of the business.

If you feel like the what you read here fits what you are after, then have a look in the app to find your next dream job. Your future employer can’t wait to meet you 😉

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