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Logistics are the backbone of any economy. To its core, you facilitate the transport of goods to meet businesses and consumer demand. This may take place behind the wheel of a truck, or consists in control and distribution in a small company’s warehouse.

Most of the vacancies we offer in our app, are entry-level jobs related to warehousing and transportation. Warehousing consists of all processes related to the storage, packing and shipment of goods. Some warehousing vacancies you’ll find in the BeeBuzzzy app are for example Forklift driver, or Orderpicker. Transportation consists in moving products and goods from one place to another. An example vacancy would be that of a Truck driver.

A good thing about entry-level warehousing jobs is that you can often learn on the job. With the right work ethic and attitude, you’ll receive guidance of your employer to complete the tasks at hand.

If you feel like the what you read here fits what you are after, then have a look in the app to find your next dream job. Your future employer can’t wait to meet you 😉

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