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How to find employees in construction

The Dutch construction industry experiences an all-time shortage of personnel.

The Dutch housing crisis and rising house prices resulted in a shortage of personnal to meet demands. As a construction company or outsourcer you are in an easy environment of demands, whilst having trouble meeting these, because of your trouble to find resources. It feels like the worst situation in the best situation. The Netherlands has a nation-wide shortage of employees. It is just hard to find personnel in the Netherlands.

Now, try this. Imagine being able to reach +40x potential employees, without putting in the effort. A flow of applicants magically landing in your email inbox. No more acquisition without results, no more sweat for nothing, or bare results at the most.

Goodbye shortage. Hello eager working squad.

We at BeeBuzzy aim to do exactly that for you. We look cross-border. It is something we’ve become very good at. Citizens from other European countries would like to work for companies like you. And we find them. Have them send their profile to you. They would like to open a conversation with you.

BeeBuzzy has a strong relation with the construction industry, we actually started out with serving companies in construction exclusively. We match European professionals to Dutch companies much like your company.

We would like to become your partner in recruiting. After your first month of subscription (which is free of charge) your monthly cost will be €100.= per vacancy. We know, sounds good right?.

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