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How to find employees in hospitality

The hospitality industry has been hit in strange ways due to the COVID pandemic.

The whole industry suffered from closings only to find out former employees have fled the industry when restrictions disappeared or softened. As an entrepreneur, employer or outsourcer you face the next problem of employee shortages. Your venue is open, but you can only serve a limited amount of tables. Sounds familiar?

 This doesn’t have to sound familiar. Whilst the Netherlands experiences shortages of personnel, other European countries still face high unemployment rates, not to mention lower salaries. Europe is a wonderful labour market, but you need manpower and expertise to access these.

BeeBuzzy connects Northern European employers to Southern and Eastern European jobseekers. And we’d like to be your next #1 channel of acquisition. By looking cross-border you can fill the gap between labour offer and demand. Our database and ongoing marketing campaigning brings you in direct touch with jobseekers explicitly looking for employers like you. We find them for you. Have them send their profile and motivation letter to you. Would like to open a conversation with you.

We would like to become your partner in recruiting. After your first month of subscription (which is free of charge and no strings attached) your monthly cost will be €100.= per vacancy. We know, sounds good right?.

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