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How to find employees in logistics

A shortage of personnel seems to be the bottleneck for your next steps.

The logistics industry has experienced incredible growth over the last few years. Due to rapid developments in technology and e-commerce, coupled with COVID, the logistics sector found increasing demand, and lack of (wo-)manpower is in your way. You don’t see an easy way of fixing this one.

If you would be able to focus on your company, without focusing your company’s efforts at expanding the team, you could actually grow. Imagine being able to reach out to the whole of Europe, all the people who are keen for your open positions. Finding their applications in your e-mail inbox.

Goodbye shortage. Hello eager working squad.

We at BeeBuzzy aim to do exactly that for you. We look cross-border. It is something we’ve become very good at. Citizens from other European countries would like to work for companies like you. And we find them. Have them send their profile to you. Would like to open a conversation with you.

Our clients in the logistics sector have open positions as inventory managers, truck drivers, order pickers, and more. Currently, we are looking for more partners in this section.

We would like to become your partner in your recruiting process. After your first month of subscription (which is free of charge) your monthly cost will be €100.=. Sounds good, right?.

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