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How to find employees in agriculture

It is hard to keep up with the labour demand in agriculture. We always need employees with a hands-on mentality and good work ethic.

The numbers-game for agricultural agencies and outsourcers is intense and requires a lot of work.

This does not have to be the case. BeeBuzzy plays the numbers-game for you, through technology and marketing. We could fill in the first steps you normally take yourself. We create awareness for your vacancies and find the applicants you are looking for.  We find them for you. Have them send their profile and motivation letter to you. And they would like to open a conversation with you.

BeeBuzzy takes care of getting you in touch with applicants, you decide whether or not the applicant fits the position you’d like to fill. We reach 17 European countries with campaigns and within our app-platform.

We would like to become your partner in recruiting. After your first month of subscription (which is free of charge and no strings attached), after which your monthly cost would be €100.= per vacancy, if you’re interested after the trial. We know, sounds good right?.

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