You want to work in the Netherlands. What’s next?

As a European, (or when you have a Dutch Working Visa), you are eligible to work in the Netherlands. We would like to help with the challenges you face.

This post is the start of a series to help you out. Today, housing!


How to find a nice rental house in the Netherlands?

Today we discuss housing and how to find your first place. Most rental places can be found online, simply by visiting Pararius, or Funda. Don’t let this discourage you, but rental prices are skyrocketing right now, especially in urban areas. Have a look on these websites:

If you don’t mind sharing an apartment, but still having your own private room, you could save money. Give it a try on Kamernet! Or, find your own companion here to split the rent with.

Another way still, is contacting local rental offices. You can find them online by Googleing for ‘rental house’ plus the city/ town name you’d like to live in.

Now that we’ve discussed the easiest road to finding your new dream home, let’s look at the terms and conditions you’ll have to meet.

What do you need to qualify?
Whether you rent through an agency or a private contractor, you often need to show some documents if you want to rent an apartment. Some private contractors will only need your passport, but more often than not, these documents are asked for, so have them ready:

  • Passport or valid photo ID
  • Proof of earnings, such as Dutch bank statements or employment contract (sometimes the landlord may ask your employer to provide a reference). Often times a bank statement with sufficient funds will do equally well.
  • Sometimes, you’ll be asked for your citizen service number (BSN)

General take aways
As mentioned earlier, average prices for renting in the Netherlands are currently rising. For a one-bedroom apartment you would pay between €810–1,020 per month. A three-bedroom apartment will cost you between €1,250–1660 a month. For Amsterdam however, the price is between €1,100–1,590 for a one-bedroom apartment and between €1,865–2655 for a three-bedroom place.

Also, check your tenancy agreement for additional fees. Sometimes an additional fee is added in the contract for small repairs.

Pro Tip! If you are concerned about rental costs, check if you are eligible for the housing allowance (huurtoeslag).

I hope I have helped you with this article. Bowever, let’s find you your dream job, before you find you your dream house.

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