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The BeeBuzzy Process

Connect on a cross-border platform where Dutch employers meet European jobseekers. Founded in 2021 and based in Amsterdam, we use tech and data driven marketing to connect you to your next star employee. More information ‘about us’ can be found here.

BeeBuzzy is an app platform for employers and jobseekers to connect. As an employer, you receive applicants in your e-mail inbox, and start communicating directly. BeeBuzzy takes reach and acquisition out of your hands, so you can focus on the actual recruitment process.

How does it work?

  • After an online introduction, you provide us with the details for the vacancies you wish to place.
  • BeeBuzzy showcases your open positions in an app environment
  • Specific targeted marketing sends jobseekers from across the European Union to the app
  • You automatically start receiving applications of motivated jobseekers in your email inbox.

Why should you be open for this opportunity?

It is no secret that the Dutch labor market is extremely tight. That’s why we help you to connect with supposed unreachable prospects cross-border. BeeBuzzy helps you solve your applicant shortage problem with applicants from Europe. As Europeans have equal working rights across Europe; you will have no paper hassle. To partner with

BeeBuzzy is easy, fast, and effortless.

Why choose BeeBuzzy?

  • BeeBuzzy functions as your dedicated partner in finding new employees
  • Monthly subscription, so we’ll keep you satisfied 
  • Reach unreachable jobseekers abroad
Interested? Schedule an introductory meeting with us here. We’ll happily tell you all there is to BeeBuzzy.


Some of our success stories

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Serving the needs of your industry

BeeBuzzy is a cross-border platform which aims to connect Dutch employers to European jobseekers. Founded in 2021 in Amsterdam, we use tech and data driven performance marketing to connect you to your next star employee.


Reach millions of hospitality workers across Europe


Find construction workers that fit your needs


Find your next order picker, warehouse worker, drivers and many more


Reach East and South European workers you couldn't reach before

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